Review of Looking for Alaska eBook

Thanks to the well-received feature film of ‘The Fault in Our Stars,’ people know about John Green now more than ever. But as popular as that title is, another of his works, Looking for Alaska, is gaining momentum for being a poignant and truthful story all on its own.

Looking for Alaska is a Young Adult novel that follows Miles Halter as he attends a boarding school in Alabama for the first time. There he meets friends and, in particular, the stunning, enigmatic and self-destructive Alaska Young. She whisks him away into a world of danger and discovery, romance and literature. It’s not long before Miles is head over heels in love. But this is far from a typical teen romance. One night, Alaska is suddenly killed in a car accident. Miles and his companion, Chip, suspect she may have killed herself. They delve into the circumstances of her death to solve the mystery of both the accident and the girl herself no matter how much it may hurt to find out the truth. How well do we love people? How well do we see them? What does it take to know the whole of a person? These questions and more are explored to their obvious truth by the ever-talented John Green.

The book skyrocketed in popularity across all formats because of Fault in Our Stars. The Looking for Alaska PDF, ePUB, MOBI, and any other digital/ebook type you can think of has sold both amazingly and consistently well. It has been praised for its sensitivity, depth, compelling characters and heartbreaking honesty. Green has an almost certain knack for capturing the inner minds and hearts of teenagers the world over. And when you look at his massive popularity among that exact demographic, it’s hard to argue. Looking for Alaska is available wherever books are sold.