In the Diverse World of Divergent PDF

For e-book lovers, Divergent PDF will often be the preferred choice when trying to enjoy the book of the same title that was initially written by novelist Veronica Roth. There should hardly be any different especially when it comes to the plot of the story.

In Divergent PDF, just like in the book version, the reader is presented with the story of Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior, a young 16-year old living in what remains of the city of Chicago shortly after the great war. Under her present society, people have been grouped into five different factions depending on their one defining trait. Thus, selfless people were consolidated under the Abnegation party, the brave fell under the Dauntless, those found to possess honesty were called the Candor, people who prefer a peaceful way of life were referred to as the Amity, and intelligent people were singled out as the Erudite.

As a teenager on the verge of adulthood, Tris is required by existing laws to choose the group where she has to live the rest of her life eventually. However, before she can determine her defining trait, Tris finds out that she possesses three different aptitudes or qualities. She soon discovers that she is Divergent, and this is where her conflict begins.

The novel has been highly successful as its theme catered to a generally large population, that of the young adults. Given this, it was inevitable that Divergent had to be compared with several other written works that touched on the same theme, including The Hunger Games and the Harry Potter series.

Additionally, the novel has found its way to the silver screen where many Divergent fanatics were thrilled to see their heroes coming to life. Before the film version, though, the e-book or digital format, particularly Divergent PDF, also enjoyed immense popularity. This is especially true for those versions that are being watched on Kindle as the device works well with most mobile units.