Southfarm Press, Publisher is a creator of adult and children’s books for the trade and specialty book markets. Nonfiction history and military history books make up the largest list of its output. Founded in 1983, it is located in Middletown, Connecticut. Its books have been favorably reviewed by Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, ALA Booklist, World War II Magazine, Naval History Magazine, The Journal of Military History, Military Heritage Magazine, American Aviation Historical Society Newsletter, Scripps Newspapers, and daily newspapers around the country, including the Hartford Courant and the Winston-Salem Journal. Southfarm was featured in a 1990 article about Connecticut Book Publishers in The New York Times. The Military Book Club and The Book of the Month Club have purchased book club rights for three Southfarm titles since 2002. Barnes & Noble Booksellers had purchased retail rights to reprint and distribute two Southfarm titles in 2006.